Building Process Update: April 2018

For the past several months, City of Appleton and Appleton Public Library staff have been working on a request for proposal (RFP) for a mixed-use development which would include a public library. Submitted proposals have been evaluated and interviews with developers have been completed. Based on the proposals and interviews, City of Appleton staff have recommended moving forward with the RFP submitted by Commercials Horizons - which includes a mixed-use project with apartments and a new Appleton Public Library on the site of the current Soldier's Square ramp.

Members of the Appleton Public Library Building and Equipment Committee and City of Appleton Finance Committee met Monday, March 26 to discuss the recommendation. Both the Finance Committee and the Building and Equipment Committee voted unanimously to continue moving forward with the Commercial Horizons proposal.

The full City of Appleton Common Council met Wednesday, April 4 to discuss the recommendation brought forth by City of Appleton staff. The council Voted 14-0-1 (abstention by Alderperson Spears) to continue moving forward with the recommendation.

The Appleton Public Library Board of Trustees met Tuesday, April 17 to discuss the recommendation. The board voted 9-0 to continue moving forward with exploring a mixed-use facility including a new library on the current site of the Soldier's Square ramp.

Over the next few months city staff and developer Commercial Horizons will work on defining what that mixed-use development could look like in order to answer many important questions.  

Visit the City of Appleton website to learn more about the project.