Are we there yet?

Traveling this summer? You know that dreaded question you hear? Every. Ten. Minutes. Or maybe you're solo and just want to get to your destination because you're so over traveling...but you just started.

We've got you covered. We have thousands (and thousands) of free audiobooks waiting for you to check out. They're available for all ages - adults, teens, kids.

We have audiobook CDs in the building you can check out. We also have digital audiobooks. Either option is a lifesaver, guaranteed to keep anyone entertained.
Checking out digital audiobooks is easy. First, make sure you have a library card. Second, visit one of the websites below, or download the corresponding app to get started. On our end, we keep track of how many you check out and they're automatically returned when they're due. No late fees. That's pretty awesome.
You'll want to make sure you check out all the services we offer that carry digital audiobooks. Each has their own benefits.
1. OverDrive. OverDrive has a large assortment of audiobooks. Some of the popular titles may require you to place a hold - a digital spot in line for the next available copy. OverDrive offers a free app - search Libby (yes, we know it's odd) in your device’s app store.
2. Hoopla. With Hoopla you can download or stream audiobooks without any waiting. There is a limit of six checkouts per month. Hoopla offers a free app - search Hoopla in your device's app store.
3. RBdigital. RBdigital is another service that offers quite a selection of audiobooks. Some of the titles will require you to place a hold. As with the other services, RBdigital also offers a free app - search RBdigital in your device's app store.
Check back next week as our staff shares their favorite audiobooks!